Vivek Ranjan

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, Webpack, Babel, ES6
Java, Spring (Boot, JPA, Data, Data REST, MVC), JPA/Hibernate, SQL, Symfony (PHP), Python, NodeJS, Kotlin, AWS (Lambda, ElasticBeanstalk, Kinesis, Redshift, ElastiCache, S3)


FastBridge Learning

Full Stack Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead Jun 2015 - Present
  • Backend - Spring (Boot, JPA, Data, Data REST, MVC), JPA/Hibernate, Microsoft SQL Server along with AWS Redshift and other AWS technologies.
  • Frontend - HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript (ES6, webpack, babel and jQuery).
  • Added features to existing web app for assessing reading and math abilities of students and other features. Including web based reports for educators and administrators to track progress of their students, and effectiveness of instruction or intervention.
  • Reduced load time for a report by 98%
  • Led two teams (one at a time) - focused on delivering high quality software, predictably and collaboratively using automated testing and agile/scrum.
  • Led effort to build a data-warehouse to consolidate data from distributed databases in AWS Redshift along with ETL pipelines using AWS Lambda and AWS Kinesis. Introduced a microservice with RESTful APIs. Worked with operations to add appropriate build pipelines, telemetry and logging.

University of Minnesota

Full Stack Software Engineer Jan 2014 - May 2015
  • Backend - Java (Spring MVC with Hibernate), Microsoft SQL Server hosted on AWS ElasticBeanstalk and RDS.
  • Frontend - HTML/CSS with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Worked with the Dept. of Educational Psychology at the Univ. of Minnesota on an existing research project while pursuing my MS in Computer Science. Next employer, FastBridge Learning, was spun off from this research project.
  • Added features to existing web app for assessing reading abilities of students.
  • Created reports for the researchers - ad-hoc as well as self serve via web app.
  • Creating web based reports for schools and teachers to track the progress of their students.
  • Mentored junior engineer.

Unique Identification Authority of India, Government of India (Aadhaar)

Software Engineer (Intern) Dec 2011 - Jun 2012
  • Created a de-duplication software suite that included computer-based detection of duplicate enrollments along with a webapp for manual de-duplication and reporting.
  • Decreased runtime of de-duplication program by ~76% (from ~25 hours to ~6 hours).


University of Minnesota

Aug 2013 - Dec 2016
Master - Computer Science

University of Mumbai

Jul 2008 - May 2013
Bachelor - Information Technology